Client Benefits

Since outsourcing your work is a major decision, we offer our clients a free testing opportunity. Our interesting work model allows the clients to test our services before signing a legal contract. For absolute accuracy, each of our process undergo several reviews by respective team leaders and project heads, before the ‘client test’. Each of these client tests has stood up to our client’s scrutiny on quality, accuracy and delivery and made us proud.

You can learn more about this here.

Each process has been reviewed several times by the respective team leaders and the project heads. This helps us in achieving 100% accuracy on all the projects

We have three in-built strategies and we strictly adhere to it without any compromises. This practice ensures that a project will be delivered on time with no last minute snags.

  • All the data entries should be completed within 24 hrs
  • All claims above 30 days should be followed up month over month, till it gets resolved
  • All claims should be addressed at least once in a month

These strategies yield many benefits for our clients:

  • Cash flow improved by 30% – 40%.
  • Decrease of rejection rate,from 20 plus percentage to 2-3%
  • 100% Quality Assured
  • Clearing out 90 + A/R buckets
  • Insurance verification / Eligibility checks
  • Regular updates of logs and revised checks on the end product