Corporate Profile

IHS has consistently provided high quality, cost-effective revenue cycle management services to its clients, since 1999. Key strategic services offered by us include medical billing, coding, accounts receivable management, etc. Streamlined revenue cycle management services, steadily improved over the years, constantly updated, after review and analysis ensure flawless execution, and excellent service delivery.

Quality is a vital driving factor and we are conceited to be certified as ISO 9001:2008 compliant by ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board), the most respectable accreditation board in United States. We leverage our domain expertise in multiple specialties and have vast experience in different Practice Management Software to ensure quicker cash flows. At IHS, we take immense pride in offering superior, cost-effective solutions covering the whole gamut of tasks and processes for the healthcare industry. We are a leading organization offering a broad spectrum of Healthcare Solutions across all kinds of providers, with the capacity to effectively cater to different needs.

Vision and Mission


  • To be the leading service provider in the medical billing industry and consistently deliver exceptional value added services to all our clients.
  • To continually build upon our excellent track record that has allowed us to grow in the industry at a rapid pace, and provide the best in terms of quality.
  • To provide the best in terms of work environment, job security, training and compensation to our valued employees, by effectively pursuing employee friendly policies and valuing every team member.


Our Mission is to deliver highest quality to our customers and be their trusted partner in achieving their goals faster and smoother. To forge long lasting relationships with our clients and provide one-stop comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions that exceed their expectations across all parameters.

What do we stand for?

At India Healthcare Solutions, integrity is more than just a word. Imbued into the DNA of our firm is a set of values held in such high esteem by the staff and management alike that it is ingrained into every aspect of our professional life.

Leadership, integrity, loyalty to customers, team work, ownership, transparency, and dedication form our core values. With these values in our minds, we are tethered to our goals with a tenacious commitment, giving us an edge over competitors.

People-centric approach

People come first at India Healthcare Solutions. We believe that the satisfaction of both our employees and clients is the key to our success. With the help of excellent HR management and carefully crafted ‘people-centric’ policies, we have conceived a fantastic work environment, making India Healthcare Solutions a much sought-after work place for robust, highly skilled, professional work force that continues to expand.
India Healthcare Solutions’ high level of employee satisfaction has a great impact on staff performance. Our staffs display stupendous enthusiasm for instant problem resolutions, which result in a remarkable level of customer satisfaction.

Ethical Stance:

India Healthcare Solutions is very conscious of business ethics, which is why we conduct rigorous training aimed at instilling our core values into every employee. We have meticulously adhered to our core principles and values in the past and continue to do so, preserving years of credibility.