EMR Implementation

Electronic medical records (EMR) improves efficiency, reduces the overall costs and have become essential to healthcare. At the same time transition from paper to electronic records can be an arduous and painful task especially with the ever-changing requirements, changes in technology, new updates and the overwhelming amount of work that goes into completing tasks accurately within pre-defined deadlines.

India Healthcare Solutions is a boon to healthcare facilities that do not have adequately trained staff to effectively maintain the vast amount of patient records and caters to the needs of several healthcare facilities, group practices and physicians by providing cost-effective, reliable and accurate EMR services.

  • A dedicated team of experienced EMR transition specialists provide cost-effective indexing preloading of patient charts, medical records and all documents that are vital to continued patient care
  • Vast experience and vigorous multi-level auditing ensure the highest degree of accuracy
  • Continued ongoing education and thorough professional training ensures that the team remains abreast of the latest changes in technology and enables us to provide services according to different client needs, across specialties
  • Detailed reporting and effective documentation tailored to meet individual client needs
  • Use of cutting edge technology, latest software, data management and analytics