Why should I outsource my billing?

Outsourcing your billing benefits you in many ways. The most important reason is increased revenue. Our entire focus is on billing and collections. We can dedicate 100% of our time and energy on collecting payments from the insurances and patients. Utilizing the services of IHS will free your staff up to concentrate on client care and take up additional volume of business. There is also the decrease in overhead, fewer employees in the office, no payroll, taxes or benefits needed for the billers you would have in-house.

What kind of experience does the staff of I.H.S. have?

We assign highly experienced Managers to your accounts. All our key managers have over 10 years of experience in the Medical Billing Industry. This is the maximum experience available in India. In addition we have an in-house training department where we train College graduates with a three week structured training program followed by 2 weeks of on the job training.

Are you HIPAA compliant? If so, how?

Yes we are! We make sure that we keep up to date and compliant with the HIPAA regulations. We will continue to strive towards keeping compliant as the regulations change from time to time.

We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with all information that comes to us from your practice. IHS falls under the extension of Business Associate (BA) under HIPAA privacy rule. A Business Associate (BA) is any person(s) or entity, which performs a function or activity on behalf of a Covered Entity (CE) and involves the use or disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI).

The following are few steps taken at I.H.S. to ensure that we are HIPAA compliant.

Every employee enters into a Confidentiality agreement that prohibits any employee not to use/publish/disclose/divulge nor permit others to use/publish/disclose/divulge any confidential information obtained by them. This Agreement is enforceable under Information Act with punishment that may extend up to seven years of imprisonment.

All our Entry points are controlled by top end Access controls, which permit only the employees/authorized personnel to the entire office is manned by independent Security Agencies (24*7).

All documents that are printed for billing purposes are shredded within the office under supervision.

Connection to the Clients’ servers is through Secure VPN tunnels with 128-bit encryption.

What is the turn around time on claims?

I.H.S. commits 48 hours of turnaround for all Charge/payment batches received. We also guarantee that all claims beyond 45 days will be followed up by us.

Is there an SLA?

Yes, we have an SLA with penal clauses to guarantee the above commitment.