Life @ IHS

Work culture @ IHS

At India Healthcare Solutions, the driving force behind success is an enduring belief in people’s capabilities. We constantly endeavour to enable our employees with power to build on their strengths and prosper in an environment marked by parity and transparency.

A positive and constructive environment is quintessential in all our offices. The great work atmosphere coupled with the assurance of progress based on meritocracy,motivate our staff to perform better and reach milestones at a faster pace. We believe in furthering the development of the person as a whole, and strive to provide an ambiance that nurtures holistic growth.

We are always ready to adapt to changes and never cease to celebrate and recognize talent that takes the company forward. Annual cultural festivals, parties, trekking, outings and other spontaneous activities that induce high levels of enthusiasm and team integration are part of the India Healthcare Solution’s culture.

Working at India Healthcare Solutions

What makes working at India Healthcare solutions an unforgettable experience?

A positive, fun-filled work atmosphere; highly talented and experienced young graduates for staff; enthusiastic and capable team leaders / project heads and; progressive HR policies in a nutshell.

At India Healthcare solutions, our people force abets our rapid growth and sustained corporate excellence. Transparent administrative policies and progressive HR policies focus on each employee, empowering them to chart his/her own course for growth. The IHS work culture is all about teamwork, continuous learning and adapting, while transpiring to nurture a work ethos that inspires and energizes employees to:

  • Client driven rather than technology driven
  • Focus on quality
  • Provide creative solutions
  • Exemplify integrity

Life at IHS is a unique mix with elements of creativity; morale; informal work atmosphere and fun that promise to make it exciting

IHS Advantages

  • Company driven by passion and innovation
  • Opportunity to work with the world-class companies
  • Interesting challenges on the professional front
  • A vibrant work environment that encourages ideas/knowledge sharing
  • Competitive compensation and attractive bonus/commission packages

As a growing company, we offer great opportunities for individuals seeking to further their career and develop their skills.


At India Healthcare Solutions, we believe, it is by staying up-to-date with ever-evolving technology and constantly learning that we have the upper-hand in competition. Through comprehensive re-training programs we upgrade the skills and knowledge of our employees. Each employee is subjected to a minimum of 20 hours of training in a year. Our Internship Training program, on the job training (OJT) and Refresher Training program are designed to help our staff grow at the various stages in their career.