Management Team

Our Leadership team has brought years of business and client management experience by spearheading the opportunities available in United States to India. They are the reason why India Healthcare Solutions is presently recognized as opportunity driven company for many aspirant professionals. The transparent customer friendly and people centric approach of our leadership team has built the “Success Mantra” for IHS.

Our stringent sales and operational activities driven by the strategic team have contributed tremendously to the organization’s development and in achieving our goal to emerge IHS as the key player in the global healthcare industry.

Our Visionary

Mr.Vishal Jain, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of India Healthcare Solutions, is an innovative and results-driven leader. He focuses to achieve exceptional results in highly competitive environment that demands continuous improvement. Since the inception of India Healthcare Solutions, Vishal’s strategic Envisioning has successfully helped IHS to grow worldwide.

With 20 successful years of directing corporate endeavors in the healthcare, manufacturing, venture capital, and hospitality industries, Vishal is specialized and adept at building cost-effective business solutions, managing resources, and fostering mutually beneficial client relationships. He also has a long-standing record of stellar planning and execution abilities by building a smart executive Management team.

Prior to his entrepreneurial voyage, Vishal acquired his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, from Vivekananda College, Madras University, India. His passion for numbers and his eye for detail earned him Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with 27th ranking, all over India and later he completed his MBA from University of Hull in the United Kingdom.

In his leisure time he enjoys company with his wife and 2 children.