Provider Solutions

  • Broad range of comprehensive solutions
  • RCM, Coding, EMR and Transcription services
  • Helps clients implement industry best practices in billing and payment collection
  • Continuous and ongoing expert consultation services
  • Attuning work-flows for peak financial performance
  • Applications for faster transaction processing at the point of service
  • Minimal time-lag between service delivery and payment collection
  • Highly professional claims adjudication
  • Enables providers to improve quality of care
  • Customizable report generation with complete visibility of all financial metrics at any given time

Hospital Solutions

  • Verification of patient eligibility for benefits
  • Comprehensive medical coding services
  • Rapid management of claim denials
  • Follow-up of all claims
  • Payment posting and charge capture
  • Continuous consultation services
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Effective EMR and transcription services
  • Strict quality control, and complete compliance
  • One stop, hassle-free comprehensive service

Physician Solutions

  • Credentialing services for new and established practices
  • Multi-specialty medical coding services
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Verification of patient eligibility for claims and benefits
  • Effective denial management
  • Well-coordinated AR follow-up on every claim
  • Charge capture and payment posting
  • Significant enhancement in clean claim ratios
  • Better revenue generation, ensuring optimum financial performance